Thursday, February 12, 2009


Should a person post on a blog when they can't sleep? Probably not, but here I go anyway.

Well I have been quiet, if you have not figured it out yet I am only quiet when I don't have much good to say. I am going to grasp for some straws here and see if I can come up with anything remotely interesting to tell you. Let's see, Monday and Tuesday were bad, Wednesday was better, today a little better. One of the biggest gift and card holidays is upon us, Valentine's Day. I read that an estimated one billion cards are sent on Valentine's Day. OMG that is a lot of money, ink, paper, stamps, gas, and trees. It states here that 189 million stems of roses are sold in the U.S. on Valentine's Day. Most roses are bought by the dozen, so that would be 15,750,000 dozens. Lets say that you find a good deal and a dozen roses only cost $19.99
that would be $314,842,500 spent on roses alone. That is just way too much math for me to think about right now. I don't even want to do the math for the amount spent on cards. That would probably just make me sick. I am not against Valentine's Day it is a racket though. Be kind and show your loved ones how you feel more than just on this day. All the sap can be nice but the pressure to go overboard is ridiculous. I will admit that I am not a sappy kind of girl, give me a shoot'em up or a horror movie any day over a chick flick. All that said, John and I will go to a Hallmark store tomorrow and pick a Valentine out for each other, read it and put it back on the shelf. If any roses are ever involved they better be in a pot and ready to be planted. That way I can enjoy them for years to come instead of about a week.

On the knitting front I have pulled out a very old (over 12 months) UFO. A baby blanket for a dear friend. Her baby is a year old this month. My friend's birthday is in March so I promise to have it finished and sent in time for her birthday.
I finished the baby gator for Eli. He is very happy with it. The eyes are very cool. A picture before the eyes were added and after.


  1. I'm not sappy either, but the fire house has a dance tomorrow night so we'll be there. Bleah.

    Cute 'gator and model.

  2. Sometimes no news is good news, right? At least I hope so.

    S.and I don't do Valentine's Day, either. I love the idea of picking cards out for each other and then putting them back. Brilliant!

    Also brilliant? The alligator scarf!! And it's obvious from Eli's smile that he thinks so, too!

  3. Yeah - the V-day hoop-la irritates me too!

    And that scarf is every kid's dream!!!

  4. "John and I will go to a Hallmark store tomorrow and pick a Valentine out for each other, read it and put it back on the shelf. "

    I just cracked up when reading that. What a very, very excellent idea! :)

    (For what it's worth, my husband and I elect not to participate in the Valentine's Day consumer madness, too.)

    Love the alligator scarf! CHOMP!

  5. LOVE both the alligator scarf and the smiles it brought to that cute face!

  6. Love that aligator! I hope this week is much, much better than last week.

  7. The eyes really add the spirit to the gator, very cute all together!

    I like your idea with the cards, that way you can choose multiple too, funny ones and serious ones.

  8. I have kept a lot of cards over the years. I go to that box and pull them out and pick out one and recycle it.
    Love the pictures of Eli with the gator.


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