Friday, March 28, 2008

Tuesday night knitting

A few days late.
We celebrated a birthday, Happy Birthday Tabitha!
I won't tell you how old she is, but that she is still in her twenties.
I remember those years....

Look it's Sam! He is getting so big, it was a real treat to see him. Oh, we can't forget Sam's momma. Ruth was working on some more baby hats. I think she just came to show off Sam. :)

Stacy has an FO! It is very practical, a water bottle carrier. I wonder what she will cast on for next.
Olivia came with me, you can see her in a couple of the pictures. She got a little bored after awhile, so I set her up on the community laptop the coffee shop offers.

Yes, those are black bottom cupcakes you see on the table. Boy they are good! If I may say so myself.
Loretta is working on a curved edge place mat. It is coming along very nicely.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Elbow or shells??

An incident this evening has me thinking. How do you decide things between children? If it is always the oldest, then the youngest is always last and upset. Or the other way around. Do you try to remember who it was last time? Or is it the one that was least bad that day? You can never forget the "I asked first" or its' cousin "It was my idea" Then there is "not fair"
Someone is always going to be disappointed. I don't want to disappoint them, and I certainly don't want to disappoint the same one all the time. The squeaky wheel does get greased, I know from experience. So what do you do, I don't have the answer I wish I did.
But tonight when the arguing and yelling started about mac & cheese and both boxes ended up opened. I made a stand. I looked at them and said" you want elbow and you want shells, well guess what I am going to do" Can you guess? I bet you can.

I dumped both boxes in the boiling water and they had shells & elbow mac & cheese.

Snow for Easter

So, what did the Easter Bunny bring you? Chocolates, jelly beans, sweet tarts, money...Well, here in the Ohio River Valley we got huge snowflakes.

Look how big those flakes are. It looked like feathers falling down from heaven.

We had fun coloring eggs. The cutie in the middle is my nephew Trey. He turned 5 just a week or so ago.

Someone thought that they did not find enough eggs.
Nathanael did a really good job coloring his eggs. He was very patient and waited till his egg was the perfect color.

John went out to the garage and poof came back with three more egg holder/dipper things. He is very handy to have around the house.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good news and a Birthday party

The biopsy came back clean. It was such a relief, an overwhelming relief.
The adenoidectomy is scheduled for April 8th.

In the midst of all of this we had a family birthday.
Daniel is 3 years old now.

Just look at those cool Cars tattoos!

One of his favorite toys was this little violin that played music when the bow is pulled across it. He would bow after the music stopped. He is adorable.
He came down the stairs and saw my three and said "hi kids"
Easter Sunday should be lots of fun!

The parents are cute too.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday night knitting

Here we are all together again. Holly, Tabitha and Ruth were missing but we hope to see them back very soon. Stacy is going to try join us at least once a month. There were two ladies knitting at the table behind us. We had never seen them before, they may try to join us next time.

Look at Loretta, her round dishcloth is as pretty as she is. I got to see pictures from her visit to Lora and the boys. I loved hearing about what a great time they all had. I can not wait for summer to get here. Lora and the family will be here for a long visit.

Last week the mailman was my favorite person. He brought me something wonderful from Gina.
I have never even seen Socks That Rock (sherbet colorway) yarn in person. It is as wonderful as all the talk. I love the colors. You may be wondering why she sent me something so wonderful....I had a good idea. I wonder what I would get if I had a GREAT idea.

Thank you so much Gina!
You are as cool as this yarn :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Waiting is so hard....

when it is something you are looking forward to. It is even harder when you are waiting for news from a doctor. I can't sleep, even having trouble knitting. Alex had his tonsils and adenoids taken out when he was 3.5 years old. Well, March 3rd we found out that his adenoids have grown back. You are not supposed to be able to see adenoids by looking in the throat only with a special mirror or a nasal scope. The PA saw them when she had him open up and say ahh.
She sent us to an ENT. A nasal scope was done on March 6th, it was very uncomfortable but he did ok with it. The ENT said his adenoids were huge and that the upper respiratory area was totally blocked. He was getting no air what so ever through his nose. The large size is what was concerning him. Yesterday Alex had a biopsy. It was hard for me to watch but not nearly as hard as it was for him. The doctor was good but not used to dealing with children (IMHO). You should never promise a child that something will not hurt, or tell him you need only one piece when you end up taking 4. If you are going to go in both nostrils say that, even better, would have been to say that you won't know until you get started. A numbing spray was used but it did not work as well as we would have hoped. It was very painful for Alex. He had a little bleeding right after and then on and off for the rest of the day. I never knew that adenoids could grow back or that they are part of the lymphatic system.
So here I am waiting to hear what the results are, wondering will they call tomorrow or will I have to wait until Thursday. Should I call them as soon as I get up, or give them until lunch? I know this is all very routine to them but this is my child. I need to know something now! At times the Internet is a bad thing. Too much information can be dangerous. So I will stop reading medical websites and try to get some sleep.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ravel Rousers

Grinny Possum Fiber Arts hosted a ravelry meet up last Sunday. We saw several new faces and some that we recognized from ravatars About 15 knitters braved the snowy weather. A Spring meet up is being discussed, so we may get to meet even more knitters.

Yes, it is another Amanda Hat.
Look, do you see it? Nope you aren't seeing things, I have started my very first sock. A magic loop toe up sock. I am doing a short row heel, but have set it aside for now because I am too scattered. After screwing up a few times I decided the sock will have to wait.
Lora, I may be calling you to talk me through two at once. I bought some beautiful Lorna's Laces sock yarn. It will become socks for Olivia. So I will have to get mine done soon, at least the first sock. Or she will be waiting for her pair forever.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

The weather in the Ohio River Valley is so bizarre.

These pics are from one week ago.

This is the very interesting snow formation on the garage roof.
Starsky and Hutch really seem to enjoy themselves out in the snow. They did not want to stay in the house for very long.

Now that almost all of the snow has melted everything is a big muddy mess.

Today it was 68 degrees. You never know, it may snow again next week.

Friday, March 7, 2008

No FO Friday here......but I

can give you a Pissed Off Friday. I rarely discuss things of a true personal nature here. This is for knitting, some family (including the doggies) and fun. But at times something may happen that upsets me so, makes me so pissed off that I have to tell as many people that will listen. I seem to release a little bit of the anger after telling the story. I think it is because I know the person I am telling will become angry too, it is like you are being angry for me. So by telling all of you I might slowly let go of all my anger.
One of my children has some emotional issues and has been seeing a child therapist and child psychiatrist. And takes some meds. The doctors have been changing repeatedly and we saw yet another new one several weeks ago. The first visit was very upsetting for both of us. The second visit, just about one week ago, was the final straw. Below is the letter that I wrote and gave to the doctor., medical director and therapist. I do know that this not the first complaint against this particular doctor. The doctor has been with the practice only a few months. I would love to know what they do or say in response but that will all be confidential. But I have no qualms at all about telling everyone I know to keep their children far away from this doctor.

My ***, **** will no longer be your patient.
We have only been to see you on two occasions. Both times I have been shocked and dismayed by the lack of consideration shown to your patient. Several times during both appointments you referred to *** as being nerdy or looking like a little bit of a nerd. ** was extremely upset by this, as was I.
You being an educated doctor, in a professional position, should know that it is inappropriate to label children. *** classmates would be reprimanded for such name-calling.
I am assuming that the insult was unintentional and that you were just making a lame attempt to connect with **. Name-calling is an issue for ****, and you as ***doctor, a figure of authority presented a very bad example for ***. We work very hard in our house to instill a sense of respect for one another. To treat others as you would like to be treated.
I was also shocked by your lack of professionalism. It was highly inappropriate of you to have discussed and critiqued my parenting in front of *****. Your opinion of me being an overprotective mother should have been stated during a conversation between you and myself.**** has latched on to those comments and constantly uses them against me during discussions.
It is my responsibility to keep my children safe and healthy. I take that responsibility very seriously. There are way too many parents that are uninvolved and disinterested. I refuse to be one of them.

We came to you for help and unfortunately received none.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

knitting in the woods- part two

Holly with her amazing hat and scerf

Sandi and Kate, knitting away. They were one of three mother daughter duos we had at the retreat.

Here we have a mini class on intarsia.
Ann's little heart.

A perfect heart from Becca.
Everyone listening intently as Mary talks about keeping the yarn separated.
One of the projects I worked on over the weekend. I made the hat for Eli last Fall. He asked me if I could add some ear flaps.
Liz is sharing that magical world that is Ravelry. I know we had several sign up that weekend.

We had so much fun that there is talk of trying to make this a twice a year outing. I could go for that. I bet Wooded Glen is beautiful in the Fall.

This is the wonderful little covered bridge you cross when coming and going from Wooded Glen. It is so picturesque with the snow. I have only been here in the winter so I don't know if it is as beautiful during the other seasons.