Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

I know it has been a very long time, but here I am.
We have a new addition to the family. This incredibly adorable little guy is Angus. He is a Great Pyrenees/ St. Bernard mix, born July 27th. He came to live with us on October 3rd.

Angus had a puppy check up on Monday the 19th and weighed in at 21 lbs.

He was unnamed for over a week while we tried to agree on the perfect name. We ended up voting Survivor style. There were three votes for Angus and two votes for Olaf.

Starsky likes him, Hutch is a little slower to warm up. He tolerates him. Hopefully the three of them will become the best of friends.

Angus tries really hard to run with the big dogs. Give him a few months and he will be able to hold his own.

Hutch knows there is something in the other side of the fence.

You can't take a bath here without a dog stopping in for a drink. He prefers cold water but has been known to drink it warm.


  1. Great to read DOT again! I missed your delightful verbage!

  2. Aaww Angus is adorable! Happy DoT!

  3. I think Angus was very fitting... I know there were so many names tossed around. Now he needs a little doggy ac/dc shirt! lol

  4. Oh my... I'm glad the Knight wasn't in the office. He'd want to know if Angus has littermates...

  5. awwwww, what nice pics, especially the last one with the furbaby helping the little one take a bath! Angus looks cute and it looks like all is off to a good start!

  6. Oh my goodness... that face is adorable...

    I LOVE big dogs & he's going to be a big'un!!!

  7. Great to see a post from you! Angus is super cute and looks like he'll be trouble!

  8. What a beautiful baby. Watch out Starsky and Hutch, that little guy is going to be BIG. be nice to him or he might sit on you when he grows up.

    Have fun with Angus.


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