Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

Angus is 4 months old now and he weighs 40 lbs. He is so adorable and is as sweet natured as he is cute. Starsky is sitting in the chair hoping for a treat.
Eli is holding Billy Cooke. Billy is one of the studio pets, he stayed with us over the long Thanksgiving weekend. It was a little hare raising keeping him safe around the three dogs.

Angus is intently watching Billy, not sure if he wants to play with him or eat him.

I came into the bedroom the other day and saw this.

It is actually a creepy picture.
He had trouble getting out from under the dresser. I had to grab the dog pillow and pulled him out.


  1. Poor Angus... no getting your head stuck under dressers anymore!!
    Great pics!

  2. The way Starsky is sitting, with his face to the back of the chair, reminds me of a little kid who had to go stand in the corner.

    I'm glad Angus came unstuck!

  3. Great photos! I'm glad you were able to extricate Angus without issue. Silly dogs!

  4. We used to have a St Bernard that when she thought she was in trouble would hide by sticking her head under the coffee table. She thought we couldn't see the huge body sticking out, that she was hidden. We usually played along.

  5. What beautiful pictures! How wonderful to have good pets. (I wish... Hubby says breathing is more important. Yes, but still...)

  6. What was he doing looking under the dresser? He sure is a very cute puppy.


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