Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday night Knitting-several Tuesdays

Hey Lora, here is Holly with her beautiful new hair. Go yell at her for being a bad blogger. I have been one too lately, so I can call her that.

Here is another wonderful hat from Ruth.

Holly with her next BIG project. We can't wait for her to get started.

We've missed Tabitha the past several weeks. Her hubby thinks he needs to work instead of come home and let her go to knit night.
Tonight is was just Ruth, Sammuel and I. He was awake for the entire time. I got to hold him and he was so sweet. A very serious little boy. Looks like he has a lot of things to think about.
I will have some FOs for you soon.


  1. AWWW Great pictures!! I love the one of mom and Tabitha knitting on the couch...it just looks cozy!
    Holly's hair is beautiful!! Tell her I said so.
    Where the heck is Sam in all these picks!! Good to see Ruth there though :)
    Who's the chick at the table beside Jill??

  2. Wow, great pics, Sonya! PLEASE tell me where I can get that Princess Shawl pattern. Please!!! I love it! Holly's hair is such a gorgeous gold color....envy!! Can't wait to see some of your FOs!

  3. I want thick hair like that when I grow up...

  4. I loved Holly's hair. Much prettier in person. I love to go knitting too!


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