Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday/Friday night knitting

Nicole looks so proud of her fun fur/novelty yarn scarf. She plans to wear it with the beautiful lace wrap sweater she finished Thanksgiving week.

These will be some teacher gifts. I used this Free pattern. Made 6 so far, Eli has already taken one to school.

Lora this picture of your beautiful mom is for you. Loretta is working on a ballband dishcloth.

Look at those socks, yes the feet are on the table. One foot belongs to Ashley and the other one to Holly.

We were just too wild for Jayce. He could not take anymore of our conversations. There was a very in depth discussion on weather to shave or not to shave legs in the winter. The consensus was to not. It was even said that the longer the leg hair is the better job is does keeping the leg warm.
It was only about 11:30 pm when we left Grinny Possum
P.S. I cannot tell a lie. Nicole is not going to wear that scarf. She is knitting it for an aunt. I think it is one of those aunts that no one talks about.

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