Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

I have some guest dogs for today's Dogs On Thursday post.

I was sitting at my computer yesterday morning when I noticed a little dog running around out front. It was trying to get this lady at the bus stop to pet her. The lady ignored her, so she wondered out into the street. I went out to the carport and she ran right over to me. She only had a rabies tag. I called the vet listed, gave them the tag number and ended up with a name and phone number. I called and someone came right over. Daisy had ventured several miles from home during her 24 hours on the lam.

This is a perfect example why both my boys have tags with name, address and phone number, not to mention the Home Again tags.

You never know if the next guy will call the vet listed to get some info.

John is holding the matriarch of my family. Cori, a Jack Russel, belongs to my older sister. At her senior age of 14 (at least) she gets to sit on whatever lap she wants.


  1. We're Home Again customers too. Sissy has tested the system twice, for short-lived adventures, thankfully.

  2. So glad you went out for that dog to come up to you!!! That's my fear, someone will not care if my dogs got out & not help me find my babies...

    Good for you!

    I'm all about making sure tags are on my babies too!!!

  3. What a nice thing for you to do! That dog is a very lucky dog.

  4. Good job! She's such a sweet little girl - good thing she had the brains the head over your way. My dogs, especially Abbie, have their tags and microchips too!

  5. Thank you for looking out for the dog and its family in need.

  6. Glad she found her home again! I need to get frankie a name tag. All the others have them.


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