Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sarcasm-(from the Greek sarkazein, to tear flesh) a taunting or caustic remark, generally ironic.
Snide- slyly malicious or derisive.
Derisive- to laugh at in scorn; ridicule

We all know what these words mean. As adults we probably use sarcasm with each other ever day. I could be crowned the queen of sarcasm and quick comebacks.

Most adults can handle sarcasm, they can give it and they can take it. Children, on the other hand, are not emotionally or mentally able to handle sarcasm. Especially if those sarcastic, snide comments are coming from an adult. Being told to another adult within earshot of the said child. What if the adult is someone that is supposed to be in a position of authority? Someone that is supposed to care for your child when they are sick. Children get enough teasing and bullying from other kids, they need to feel protected by the adults at school. It takes someone with a very special spirit to work as a teacher or be in a school setting. I can't imagine how tiresome, frustrating, difficult and rewarding it must be to work in a school.
I am not expecting a 5th grade teacher to be as kind, gentle and loving as a kindergarten teacher, but if dealing with all of the students then you should be kind and caring with everyone. If this is no longer possible then maybe it is time to retire.
There are kids that would push Mother Teresa over the edge, believe me I know. It can be quite difficult to deal with those kids on a daily basis. But if you know there are special circumstances then keep that in mind and adjust the attitude.
Some children need a little extra. Extra time, extra patience, extra attention and extra forgiveness. How many children choose to draw attention to themselves in negative ways? Want their classmates to see them become out of control, hysterical? Want to sit in the office and be seen by everyone who comes in?

I am glad there are only 8 days of school left. I know summer will bring its' own set of difficulties, but the ones brought on by school will be over.

Added later; This is a public school and the person is in the school health office. I am inquiring at the administration building as to how to go about filing an official complaint.


  1. Oh, you nailed it! We went thru something similar with our son,,,,(we've chatted about that) Please file a complaint with the school board! Major Hugs to you!

  2. For your son's sake, I'm really glad that there are just a few days of school left, too. I agree with Katidids...could you tell someone in authority (or talk directly to the teacher)? Maybe wait until school is over so that it doesn't make things worse for the little guy.

    Sorry he's having a tough time - and extra sorry it's at the hands of an adult (and a NUN at that!).

  3. ::hugs:: I'm sorry I've been distant. It seems you could use all the extra support you can get and I feel badly that I haven't been around lately to offer you any. Please know you can call anytime.

  4. That is just soooo wrong. Was this a Nun? That makes it absolutely unforgivable. What is the world coming to????

  5. This was at a public school. I was trying to say that even a saint would be made crazy by some of these kids. I worded it wrong.
    It was the school nurse that was being so horrible.

  6. Speak up! I spoke up about an abusive kindergarten teacher, (of all people who have influence on how kids see school forever after!) and filed a written complaint. Which goes much farther than a verbal one.

    The woman took early retirement for "health reasons," which I was told was job-related stress. Whatever it takes to get her out of there. Can you picture putting a rubber band on the kids' hands and snapping it to control them? Throwing a boy outside the room--not to the office but outside the door, for half an hour--in a t-shirt on a day with frost on the ground? I went and got the kid a sweater from my car and went straight to the office. He was still out there when I came back.

    That teacher tried so hard to ingratiate herself with me. I gave her my frozen-politeness response. She wanted me to justify her actions, and honey, that ain't never gonna happen.

  7. So sorry you have to deal with this. Do file a complaint against her. She's damaging the kids, and she doesn't belong in a school.

  8. My sympathy to you and your son. I agree with you 1000% - when you can't treat your students/patients with respect, it is time to retire. To hell. Where they can experience the same kind of hurt for eternity. Hugs.


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