Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wild Kingdom....sorta

It's a regular Wild Kingdom around here lately. The baby robin was brought to us yesterday by the neighbor boy. He found it in his yard , looked everywhere for a nest but could not find one. John and the kids are having a great time feeding it and helping it learn to fly. They have named him George. I have learned a little about baby birds. Not only do they eat worms but you can feed them blueberries and strawberries.
I have no desire to hold, pet or be near it. I hope it learns to fly soon.
The groundhog was found in our neighbor's backyard. It was really neat to see it close up. Not as cute as a raccoon or as creepy as an opossum.


  1. That's amazing the bird is letting you all hold it! Pretty cool! Its going to be like that Dr. Suess book - he's going to be coming up to all you all & asking "Are you my momma?"

  2. Wild kingdom! I had a groundhog almost run across my foot last week. He was a lovely chestnut color, almost as dark as Sissy's red...

  3. Thats cool, you can also crush cheerios 1-2 & give him that...

  4. Sorry to hear this little guy died! :( But curious why you didn't want to be near it? He/she was a little cutie!


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