Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

I have a furry toddler at my house! Can't take my eyes off of him, he puts stuff in his mouth and is constantly bugging the other two. Instead of having to drive him around to get him settled, Olivia and I had to take him for a walk at 11:45 last night.
This past Monday he weighed 24.4 lbs. That is a gain of a little over 3 lbs in one week.
This is what happens when big dogs play with the baby's toy.

They seem to play well together but I have to supervise. Starsky gets carried away and it looks like he is going to kill Angus. Certainly sounds like it.


  1. Love those photos, and I think that 3 lb. per week gain is about right for a large breed.

    We have the same duck (top photo) at our house. Guess which fur-girl trots around with it most? Yep. The one SMALLER than the duck!

  2. They are all precious together!

  3. They certainly make frightening sounds when they play, don't they. It sounds like mine want to kill each other, but the tails are wagging and they have big grins on their faces.

    May we use some pictures of your new baby on Dogs-N-More? We like to introduce new family members to everyone. Who doesn't like to look at puppy pics?

  4. What precious pictures! They look like they are all getting along so well. Your black lab is beautiful. We have had two in the past. I'm a little late but Happy Dogs On Thursday ♥


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