Sunday, February 17, 2008

And the winner is.....

Ericka of Armed with pointy sticks Yay woo hoo. She chose a DOT post.

Alex and Olivia got really in to it. They loved drawing the names out. So they started saying you need a 2nd place and a 3rd.

So I said, sure why not. The 2nd place winner is Criquette of Prairie Gumbo She chose some of the intersesting things that seem to happen around me.
She chose a DOT post, and

a bizzare incident my friend and I wittnessed. I was gonna link to it but strangely enough I cannot find it now.
Now for 3rd place, I give you Tabitha /a girl's purls. Her faves are Tuesday night knitting and this Wordless Wednesday.
Ok you lucky three, contact me with your home addys and I will get your prizes out to you this week. Tabitha, I will have your's at Tuesday night knitting so you better get yourself there.

Since we are on the topic of contests go check out knitting gal. It is really easy.

Congrats to Ericka, Criquette and


  1. ALRIGHT, WOO HOO!!! I feel so special! I usually never win anything! Thanks Sonya for making my day :)

  2. How awesome are your kids! I'm really excited to see what comes in the mail from the fabulous Sonya! :D

    PS I'm on Chris's laptop and I don't want to sign him out. I guess we really do share everything, huh?


  3. I'm back from flu world, catching up with you and find out I've won a prize? Thank you - this really makes my day!


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