Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day. I am not much into sap. So every year I tell John not to get me anything. I don't do cards. If you want to buy me roses; buy me a bush to plant in the yard. That way I can enjoy them for weeks instead of days. I don't really need candy, but when I want it I buy it myself. Now for jewels, I can go for those but our bank account says no.

He is waiting for the day that it all comes back to bite him in the ass. I tell him it never will be he is not so sure.
I know how he feels about me and he knows how I feel about him.Just the other day we were laughing and giggling, yes giggling(at least I was giggling) on the phone. I was in the parking lot of the grocery and he was telling me he wanted Yuban coffee, now I know this but have been known to buy other kinds. So he is saying yuban and I come back with "you ban good today, no you ban bad" This went on for awhile becasue I was having so much fun. I know, silly but I am easily amused. I went into the store still laughing, talking to myself about how much fun he is and how much I love him. We may try to go out this weekend but a little one has the flu so we will have to see.

Now, for those of you with a different opinion of love...


  1. Yeah, I'm getting less sappy as I get older. We're ordering pizza tonight as a treat, though!

  2. you and John crack me up with you little inside jokes. He is a fun guy!! You're a fun girl!! Grace and Paul hooked up a great couple, that's for sure!


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