Friday, February 15, 2008

Look Ma knitting content/FO Friday

It has been awhile since I have had any knitting content. I have been knitting, so I do have things to show. Some you may have seen on Ravelry already.

I made two different scarves with the incredibly soft Touch Me Due. It is wonderful, but the slight felting is scary. But it makes the yarn look even better. They were short scarves so I (John helped too) made scarf pins out of dpns and some dowl rods. There are different beads on the tops of each one.
The one on the left (seed stitch) was for my MIL for her January B-day.

The other one (yarn harlot one row scarf) was a very late Christmas gift for Aunt Janet. I think she looks wonderful.

You have seen the hats below several times before. I just love the pattern from sleepy eyes knitting

Look in the side bar for The Amanda Hat Gallery to see some of the wonderful hats that have been made. While you are there check some of her other great patterns.

Amanda Hat in Cascade Venezia, for me.>

Amanda Hat "as a toddler" in some unknown baby yarn. I held three strands together.
Cousin Suzannah in the Amanda Hat I made for her birthday. I love the colors of the Noro Kochoran

so much, I had to show the crown.

It's the birthday girls!


  1. Nice FO's!! I love that hat pattern, so cute!

  2. LOVE the scarf pins - great idea!
    Great Amandas, esp the little one!

  3. Those scarf pins are really clever!

  4. The pins are so clever! And the scarfies look great!

  5. Sonya: every time I email you, it bounces back to me. Somehow an i is added onto your addy when I answer, even when I carefully delete the i on .neti, which is how your addy shows up in my inbox. I don't know how else to get the message to you that there's a problem; I hope you don't mind my putting it here.

  6. Your knitting shows that you're a fearless knitter. Go girl! (I LOVE Duran Duran...)

  7. Love all those Amanda hats!! (I will be updating the gallery in a couple days...) The Noro one came out very cool!

  8. Ooh ooh... I have some Cascade Venezia in my stash... I like how the Amanda looks in that. The stitch pattern is so clean.
    I don't know that I would have thought of it. Thanks!


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