Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

Happy Thursday!

Whenever I point the camera at Starsky he jumps right up to it. Not sure if he wants to lick it or what. Hutch will normally pose for me. I got a huge pile of black hair from Starsky. If you haven't went out and bought a Furminator yet, go get it. I cannot believe how well it works.

Not sure what is going on right now but Starsky has started eating Hutch's food again. He used to do that all the time. Boy does Hutch get mad, he barks, yipes and chases Starsky around.


  1. I can just picture him going neener neener!

  2. You could knit another dog with all that hair.

  3. Look at that wad of hair! He has to feel a lot better...

  4. Love that nose!!!!!! :) I can't help but smile!

  5. Holy cow - that's what you call a close up!!!

    And have you ever seen those books where they spin the dog hair into yarn.... just saying :o)

  6. That's a lot of hair! I must get a furminator!!!


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