Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring, where are you?

I wonder if Mother Nature is listening or if she is just screwing with us?? It was warm and sunny enough Saturday for me to get a sunburn watching ball practice and today practice was called for weather. This evening the wind chill was in the 30's. It looks like Tuesday's practice will be called too. The first game is on Saturday. The news said that Spring might be back by Friday.

Eli had a little trouble with some math homework. He was mad and said the worksheet was stupid and he was not going to do it. After I got him calmed down I read it to him. It was a math word problem: If Patrick's feet are 12 inches long and Sponge Bob's are 8 inches long who's are longer and by how much. Most all would just do the math and say the Patrick's are bigger by 4 inches. Eli went on a tirade about the fact that Patrick does NOT have feet! He found an episode on Cartoon Network just to show me but I knew he had no feet. I finally convinced him he could answer the problem. "If Patrick had feet they would be 4 inches longer than Sponge Bob's"
He told me his math teacher laughed.


  1. I'll share you a little spring if you'll share me a little rainstorm. Sound like a deal?

  2. OMG, he is my son all over again! Everything is so literal! No its not dark blue, its Navy blue! you said to pick up the back pack...not the coat next to it...I feel ya!

  3. I am so ready for spring too Sonya. Tired of being cold. For some reason I can not get warm. I was warmer during the winter!

    Whoever wrote that word problem should research their cartoons a bit better.

  4. SMART kiddo!

    Your package is waiting on one more thing - and the box. Sorry for the delay!

  5. Eli sounds like an awesome little kid! And he's right: the worksheet WAS stupid.

    It's snowing here in Pittsburgh. Snowing. *sigh*

  6. I started an epidemic! Sorry you guys got snow...we've had some amazing weather this weekend but it's about to turn back to snow pretty quickly. I'll take it when I can!

    I like the logic Eli uses. I mean, come on, if you are going to write a math problem, make sure the facts are right!

  7. Hey, I wore shorts here in S FL yesterday and a jacket today. It is in the mid to low 40's, go figure.

  8. He stuck up for what he knew was right. I'm glad the teacher laughed and was good-natured at being corrected by a kid. It's a good thing for a kid to experience: being the expert above and beyond an adult, and having the adult be perfectly nice about it.

  9. LOL! It sounds like you have a boy who likes things to be precise and accurate. That should keep his teacher on her toes!


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