Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

Things have been quite here from the doggie point of view. Not much going on at all. They are still under foot and behind you every time you turn around. Starsky has this very strange habit of plopping himself down next to the couch. It sounds like a grown man has fallen down. We have hardwood floors so it vibrates and shakes everything. Just when we think he can't do it any harder than before, he does.

This little girl is "Little Bits". She belongs to my cousin Lauren.
Here are some tongue photos for you. Starsky the black lab and Hutch the Shepard mix.


  1. I love spotted tongues. Good shot.

  2. Starsky and Hutch - the names made me laugh! They look like happy guys.

  3. Their names always make me laugh too, and I do love that spotted tongue!

  4. There is nothing so wonderful as a Lab puppy and those beautiful eyes!

  5. Starsky was the dark-haired guy and Hutch was the blonde, right? I remember watching them in middle school. I think we are near the same age.

  6. Oh, such cute dogs :) Frisky is in love with Little Bits, lol!


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