Friday, January 4, 2008

An FO Friday (finally)

It has been quite some time since I have had anything to talk about or show you. I have been knitting tho. I will show a some Christmas pictures in a few days.
Now for the FO's
Garter Stitch Hat for my mom
Yarn: Plymouth Encore
di.Ve' Starship
It was a real pain holding the two yarns together. It ended up turning out pretty well.

UK blue/white scarf for cousin-in-law Tim's b-day.
Mock Cable
Yarn: Cascade Lana Grande Blueberry and Natural
I was a fun quick knit. It is a belated present now.

A Christmas present present for my brother JB.

The Gaugeless Hat
Yarn: Cascade Pastaza
Classic Elite Renaissance
Red Sails

This is one of my adorable little nephews, Noah.
He is sporting my first fair isle project. The Skull Hat I left out the charts above and below the skulls. I did not have the time to knit all the charts. He loved it but I can see the problems. Some of my floats were too tight so a few of the skulls seem to stretch.
Yarn: Dale of Norway
Dalegarn Falk
Purple and lime green.

I still have two UFOs that were supposed to be Christmas presents.
One of them a scarf with Touch Me Due. The yarn takes a frogging better than you would think.


  1. Nice job on the FO's! Happy New Year.

  2. Your nephew seems to really enjoy his new hat. Good job on the FOs.

  3. Lot's of great Christmas FO's there Sonya!

  4. Wow, great holiday knitting!!!!! Love the hats.

  5. I love the hats. Especially your Mom's hat!

  6. great projects! Now teach me how to do the skull one...

    Miss hearing from you.


  7. Look at all those cute knitted fo's/hats! Great job!

    Oh, and I love the new peachy color for your blog-so fresh and spring like!

  8. your family really gets great gifts from your knitting! how fun! miss you!

  9. I had to laugh - when I was in the store, I saw the same thing - a TAB can sitting on the table! I thought my mom was the only one who drank TAB - she has been downing the stuff since I was born! Our grocery store manager always tells her he stocks it along with the rat poison! Its an acquired taste!


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