Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tuesday night Knitting

I know it has been awhile. The holiday season makes things harder for me. I am slowly working my way out.
We did not do Christmas night knitting last week.
Tonight is was just Ruth, Sam and I. We had a great time anyway. I got a gift! Ruth made me some wonderful cotton fingerless mitts. They are so comfy, and have already made a difference in how my bad hand feels this cold night. Thank so much Ruth!~

Bad color in the pic, they are actually much darker.

This is a pair she made for her self. They are gorgeous .
I can't forget about cute adorable Sam. His hat was a felting accident. Bad news for the crocheter, good news for Sam.


  1. Sam looks like he enjoys accidents. :)

    Lovely fingerless gloves.

  2. Those mitts are awesome!! Ruth is such an awesome knitter!
    Sam looks too cool in his hat!! LOVE felting accidents gone GOOD! LOL

  3. What a cute hat, and cute baby!

    I tagged you for a New Year's meme, come take a look on my blog.

  4. Sam is just too adorable! And those gloves are the bomb! I simply must make it out one night just to catch up! I miss you guys!

  5. Hard to believe that hat was an "accident" - it fits him perfectly!!!

  6. Man, what a great gift, those gloves are awesome! Sam looks so cute in his little cap! Wish I could have made it out, but I was sick, stupid cold. What a way to start the year right? LOL!

  7. whoops!! didn't realize we were meeting. Love the mitts. Ruth is so good!!! Sam is as handsome as ever.
    Love the hat. Happy New Year

  8. I would so claim I "meant" to make the hat like that because it is just the cutest thing ever! Maybe a cute baby modeling helps too!


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