Monday, January 28, 2008

Playing catch up

So many things have been going on. Things I would have normally posted about as they were happening. I am having a difficult time getting to a good place. A place where I have joy to share. I am working on it tho. So here we are over a month past Christmas and I am just getting around to telling you about it. This is our tree on Christmas Eve. If you look closely you can see some presents that I put on the tree.
.Eli's contribution to the tree decoration is in the close up picture

We spent a couple hours at the ER on Christmas afternoon. Alex had to have 4 stitches. He raised up underneath a dresser drawer that had been left open about 1 inch. It was rough, the numbing gel did not work as well and he felt the first stitch. More was put on and the rest went ok.

One to some fun stuff. I got several really cool knitting books for Christmas.

Knitting with Wire
Cables Untangled
The Yarn Stash Workbook
Folk Style
Easy Knitted Socks
Knitting Rules
My Aunt Diane got me the best gift, I have the harmony options set. I am loving these needles.
That's it for now I will have more for you later.


  1. Awesome Christmas gifts! Poor Alex, bless his little heart :( Glad he is alright :)

  2. Oh my.... looks like you all have been busy over there. Sorry to hear about the little head. I with you on this year being a rough start. Can we finally get over all the mishaps and bad news and get on with some good things around here?! You're knitting gifts like their heading you into the right direction for good vibes. Stick to those baby!

  3. Yikes! Stitches! Dang drawers! I just know that could've been any of us! Love the tree tho :D

  4. Oh, yikes! His poor head! Hope he's feeling better now!

  5. Ouch. I have a kid with a matching scar on his head. His daddy agreed to take him for ice cream after they got done stitching it, but the ice cream shop had just closed. The kid looked in the window with a sad face, the owner opened the door and let him tell him his story (he was about five at the time), and then put down his broom, welcomed him in, and scooped him a scoop.

    We really like our little local shop!

  6. Good grief!!!!! All those wonderful books. Glad the baby is okay, how did the momma do? Check out my newest post. :)

  7. Heehee - I'm part of the Christmas leftover procrastination club, too. I still have to mail out the gifts to my brother and his family (I think I'll change the wrapping to pink and red and call them Valentine's Day gifts).

    I hope you feel better soon. And I love the giant t-rex ornament - all he needs is a little knitted Santa cap to look right at home on the tree!


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