Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Friday night.....

Do you know where your knitting is??
It probably looks like mine has been lost. It has been a long time since I have had anything to share with you.
Yes I have been in sort of a knitting slump.
Only thing that has interested me lately is wee tiny socks.

And beads. I have been playing with beads. Here are a few of the stitch markers I have made. The dragonfly stitch marker is my favorite. It could only go to a special friend. She received it and a few other things earlier this week.
I also found this great tutorial for making crochet hook key chains.

They are really neat, I have made 4 of them so far. Going to make more soon.

I got hooked on the Wee tiny sock swap from last month, so I signed up again.
My adorable wee tiny sock came all the way from Warwickshire in the United Kingdom.
It was knit by Cari of Knitted Bear

This is the cutest wee tiny sock I have ever seen. I just love it. Thank you so much Cari!


  1. OMG, your wee tiny socks are darling. I love the one you got from England. I'm in love. And, your beading is lovely. It's not as easy as some people think it is. You need the right tools and creativity. Lovely work. It's seriously green there, isn't it?

  2. I LOVE mine! And my dragonfly! Thank you thank you thank you, and wow did you surprise me! And the knitting bag loop, you forgot to mention that. And the redhots.

    (Finally got my 'puter back after its being on tech support life support all day. Now that it's midnight.)

  3. your little socks are really cute :) I love the crochet hooks :)

  4. Those teeny tiny socks are adorable! Love the stitch markers, too!

  5. What beautiful stuff! I love your little socks! I finally decided to try to make some socks and I started a tiny one on Friday. Yours are very inspiring.

  6. Great stuff! So when are you opening your Etsy shop? :)

  7. i like all your new projects!

  8. Love the little sock...and the embroidery! So pretty ; )


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