Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday night knitting

My parents are home from Florida so mom came to Tuesday Night Knitting with me.
That's her at the end of the table
I have cast on a sock for Olivia in the Lorna's Laces Sport in sherbet colorway. Mom got me a great new book. Vogue's The Ultimate Sock Book

Isn't Ashley cute? Look at her sticking her tongue out.

Ila is working on a baby surprise jacket.

Mom's knitting friend in Vero Beach sent me some sock yarn in great colors. They will make nice kid socks. I was even thinking about a hat....
Thanks Sue!


  1. Good luck on your sock this time! You should knit something for Valentine's Day with that yarn, cute colors :)

  2. So glad you all had fun. I missed coming out with you all, but we all know how it is playing nice with the bosses :) See you Tuesday :)

  3. Can't wait to come and knit with you all this summer!!! Looks like fun!!

  4. you all are going to need the whole shop soon! and love the rose pictures from your other blog...


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