Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday night knitting & a swap package!

I am behind on lots of things. The last week of school was very hectic. I had three different programs to attend, two of them on the same day. Olivia won an award for being the most kind and friendly. Alex was on the A/B honor roll, and Eli is a kindergarten graduate. I will have more about those things in a few days. Oh and I was with out a computer for several days after that. But I am back.
Now for last Tuesday....

Nicole is helping Becca with some spinning.
This is the most adorable Sam. His mom is Ruth, she is in the picture above. Lora has been sewing a lot lately. I got the cutest little bag from her. Thanks Lora!

My Swap on a Budget package came. I love the yarn. It came from her local S&W festival. It is "Cashmera" a wool cashmere blend. The red is "Cardinal". I do love red :) And yes it is a lot of yarn, over 500 yds.
The two little finger puppets where a big hit. They are sitting on the ends of some knitting needles, kinda like golf club covers.
I had to make the kids understand that they are MINE. Also in the box were post it notes and a beautiful red stitch marker. I think you can never have too many post its or stitch markers. Thanks so much Jen!


  1. I love giving away knitted Peruvian fingerpuppets like those to perk up cranky little kids whose moms need someone to think their kid is cute. I remember the days...

  2. that is so fun to have so much going on with the kiddos! love those finger puppets!

  3. OH, Sonya, I'm drooling over that red cash/wool! Yummy! The picture of the baby is adorable...so cute!

  4. Your swap pressies are super, but I'm kinda partial to Sam;-)

  5. HEY - I know Nicole from a knitting group that use to meet at the Hob-Knob Coffee Shop! She's a wonderful knitter! Glad to see her still going!


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