Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First it was earthquakes now it's....

volcanoes! Over 50 volcanic eruptions occurred in our area today. No damage was reported.
The 4th grade class made volcanoes. There were lots of different types. Some kids did the coke and mentos thing, but most stayed with the baking soda/vinegar recipe.

Alex's volcano had a little mishap in the classroom. The only thing left was the plastic mold.
This guy is really happy with his volcano's eruption. It was a coke and mentos volcano.


  1. Now THAT assignment is a kid's dream!

  2. Wow, that's neat. We never did anything like that in school.

    Andy told me he accidentally made a volcano when being young with pixie sticks and coke. He said it spilled great and he had quite a sticky desk ;)

  3. What great pictures! I'm so glad you shared them. Poor Alex! Looks like it was still fun, though.


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