Sunday, July 20, 2008

Did you get carded?..No..Me neither.......

Lora and I went out last night. We went to My Bar, not your bar, My Bar.
It was filled with a very eclectic crowd. You had your random dirty old man, in athletic shorts and tennis shoes. He ogled all of the young girls there, tried to get all the women present to dance with him. Two young women took the very harmless "girls dancing together" to a new level. I think a few of the guys were channeling John Travolta (very badly).
We weren't sure which show to watch. The one on stage or behind the bar. The bartenders were right out of Cocktail, but much better.

Throwing ice in the air and catching it in the shakers, juggling 4 or 5 shakers at once, flipping bottles here and there. They were all over the place.
This women was having what we decide to call a "drum ride". Yes, she is sitting on the drummers lap while he plays. It was a sight to see. I got her email and sent her the picture.

The singer is a long time friend of Brent & Lora. I saw him last summer when Lora was home.
Check out Lora's blog for a video of Strumbeat.


  1. Wow I love how you put our night into words!! You nailed it right on the head! Very interesting and fun night indeed!! I enjoyed it! :)

  2. Looks like you had fun!

    I've seen the sign for that bar and was curious. LOL

  3. Someone was having way too much fun...

  4. Fun! Thanks for sharing the pics. And, wow, the singer is a total babe! (oh, everyone else was thinking it..)


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