Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last of the fun in the sun.

I have wanted to go to this museum for a long time. I love the idea of finding sunken treasure. Mel Fisher is a very well known treasure hunter.I got myself a little bottle of gold from the gift shop. Olivia got a map of the treasure spots off the coast of Florida and further south. Some of the locations are really close to the beach. We saw a boat anchored right off the beach. We brought the binoculars the next day and could see the divers and the dredging tools. We went to the Sebastian, Florida location. It was great. Can you imagine finding this emerald ring? Wow, if you noticed I could have brought it home for a mere $61,000.

The wedding chain had a great story about how the bride and groom had the chain around the waist during the ceremony.

I got to knit with my mom's group! I met them at the local Panera Bread. It was lots of fun despite the serious thunderstorm that was going on. Alright here goes, Vicky is next to Irene, Sue and Kathy are the pic above, Karen was knitting a wonderful lace project. (thank you Vicky!) Yes, those are raindrops all over Irene's shirt.
June is on the left. Yep that is Olivia in the corner. She thought is was really neat to meet Mimi's knitting friends. They were a wonderful group of ladies.
I knit with a few of them again the next night at the food court in the local mall.

This guy was in the dumpster at the condo. He looked very young. We propped the lid open just a little, hoping he would be able to escape. When we got back from the beach the dumpster was totally empty, the garbage man had been there. I told the kids that we are going to believe that the raccoon got out and is just fine.
My cousin Dakota caught this lizard. Boy they are fast! When Eli tried to hold it, he got bitten for his trouble. It was ok though, this color is not one of the poisonous ones.
These beautiful tiles surround the water fountain where the kids played.
I would love to have one of these as a table top.


  1. Wow - awesome pictures! I would love to have a tile table like those as well.

    (p.s. I read in your info that you grew up listening to Duran Duran... THEY'RE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!)

    I know - i need to grow up. ahahah

  2. Great pics!! Just FYI, that is Karen knitting the lace piece next to Sue.


  3. I want to knit the sunray tiles! The dolphins after that.


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