Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday night knitting & some b-day stuff

Alex and Olivia decided they wanted to make something special for me. So they got me all set up in my room with a movie, popcorn, a drink and my knitting. I was supposed to stay in there until the movie was over. They called me out much later and both looked upset. They had tried to make M&M cookies like I do. They got out my recipe and did everything on it but had no idea what went wrong. As soon as I saw the cookie pan I knew what had happened. Some how between the both of them, they forgot flour. Both were very disappointed, Alex even mumbled something about how he ruined my birthday. I kept telling him that was not true and it was very sweet that they had tried to make me cookies.They went to play at the neighbor's while I was in the bath. Later Eli came back telling me how sleepy he was and wanted me to nap with him, so we went to my room. He popped up about 1 minute later and said he needed a drink and would be right back. The three of them came back carrying the above cake, it had some candles and everything. My wonderful neighbor had helped them bake me a birthday cake. I just love my neighbors! Ila got me the coolest notebook ever! Eli got me the sheep measuring tape.
This is the close up of the project bag Lora made me.

Ruth made me a beautiful row counter bracelet.
While out shopping with daddy, Olivia saw this green dictionary and thought I could use a new one. I use my dictionary on a daily basis, so it was really cool of her to think of that.

Look Tabitha is back! She got me a very neat trapper keeper to try and organize all of my knitting patterns. It is much better than the ones I use to have in school.


  1. At about 8:45pm last night I realized I had forgotten completely about Sunergos! WTH tata!!! I'm so sorry that I missed kickin' it with you on your birthday. I won't soon forget again!

  2. It was fun. And that trapper was awesome.

    We missed you Tata. See you next Tuesday :)

  3. Glad your Bday turned out ok. Would love to try that yummy cake :) The measurement tape is funny and I love your new project bag

  4. Looks like a fun night. I did some knitting on my couch alone last night. Love all the progress on hte elephants. Those kids were sweet with the cookies. :):)

  5. A day late...Happy Birthday! Good for your kids for celebrating in the kitchen.

  6. I love your counter bracelet - I've been wanting to get one myself! You'll have to say how it works for you!

  7. what an awesome bday! i was there in spirit!

  8. Such sweet kids - and a great neighbor, too!


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