Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can you believe this??

If you want kids to hang out at the library you need to start them young. Why would they want to encourage video games at the library anyway??
What were they thinking!!

Children's knitting group turfed from library under new craft ban
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CBC News
A six-year-old girl says she is disappointed after her knitting group was asked to leave an eastern Ontario library due to a new ban on arts and crafts.
"I really had fun in there in the library, and I'm really sad that they stopped that," said Kingston Currie, who used to spend two hours a week with the Itch and Stitch Club at the Long Sault Library in Long Sault, Ont., about 95 kilometres southeast of Ottawa.
Pamela Haley, manager of library services for the united counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, said the ban on crafts was put on place because the municipality is revamping its 18 library branches in an effort to attract more people and needs to be more literacy-focused to achieve that end.
She said the library's new fall lineup includes teen book clubs and Scrabble nights. The library will also be holding some events not focused on literacy, such as video game nights, to attract a younger crowd.
But under the new plan, there will no longer be a space for Kingston Currie and the other girls, aged six to 10, who used to sit around a table teasing yarn into organized patterns and items with crochet hooks and pairs of needles.
Currie's mother, Maryann Currie, said the sight used to make her want to make them a pot of tea and bring them some biscuits.
"Like, it was so cute, and they were quiet," she said. "They weren't disruptive, so I don't understand what the reasoning is behind it."
Kingston said she wants to do something about knitting group's ejection.
"I think it wasn't really nice, and I think I want to stand up [for] what I believe in."
Haley suggested one way the group could reclaim their old spot.
"If they want to knit in the library, why not formulate a book club and knit as you discuss a book?" she suggested. "Relate it that way and sort of think outside the box."


  1. WTF!?!!!? That is total BS! I'd be really ticked if they implemented such an arbitrary rule here but still allowed (even encouraged - they are, after all, providing the whole "video nights" thing) video game nights! Pffffffft. And blech, too.

  2. Wow. Well, that tops the list of 'dumbest shit I've heard lately'. Who are these fools who think that little girls armed with knitting needles and yarn need to get the boot so that others will show up? And by others, I mean video gamers. Cuz I'm sure after they've finished blowing the brains of zombies all over the screen, they'll scurry right over to the Teen Fiction area and check out 8 books each.


  3. OMG! Because knitting is so much worse for kids than video game night!

  4. What a narrow-minded library. I'd rather see the kids knit than sitting there at the video night.

  5. Ummm, that is just ironic... to implement things like book club and scrabble nights, but nix the crafts?? you'd think they would have that right there on the calendar! I liked your John interview by the way! swatch watches LOL


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