Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday night knitting

It was a fun night at knitting. We had a big crowd, lets' see.....Debbie, Ila, Tata, Loretta, Jill, Becca, Nicole and Sherry. Can't forget the girls, Olivia and jOY. Nicole is working on a Hip in Hemp skirt for her little girl, Tasha has jumped right into the deep end of the knitting pool and is working on a sock.

School has started for several of the knitters. A few of us might try to sneak in an extra knitting night.

Sherry is not the lone crocheter anymore. Debbie has been joining us.

Look at what I got!
It seems that Lora made a little mistake with her last pair of socks. For some reason they were too big for her. But they turned out to be the perfect size for me. Thanks Lora!


  1. I'm so glad the socks fit!!!

  2. Please tell Lora that I am a size 9 foot. Those socks are farkin' adorable.

    I love meeting with y'all. So glad to have found you.

    I posted pics, too. Check 'em at my blog!


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