Sunday, August 31, 2008

Honey, I'm home!

Hello everyone, that wasn't too bad was it? I was only gone for about four days. I am so glad to be back on line again. I was going nuts not being able to check email, online banking, talk to Lora on yahoo messenger or read blogs. The worst I think, was not being able to get on Ravelry whenever I wanted too. I am a Ravelry junkie. It will take hours to catch up on everything I have missed.

I know you are wondering how I got back online. Well, this really cute guy came over on Saturday and again on Sunday. No, it was not a random cute guy, it was Tata's husband. She willingly offered up his services. All I had to do was feed them and have beer. I bet he never worked so cheaply before.
Tata has two really great kids. A baby boy that Alex and Eli had a great time entertaining and guess what.....A daughter for Olivia! Most of my friends have boys. There are boys everywhere Olivia turns. She was delighted to have a girl around her age to play with. They had so much fun together.

Knitting has brought some wonderful people into my life. I hope it has done the same for all of you.


  1. We love you!

    It really feels like we're all *old* friends instead of new. My kids loved hanging out at your place and so did I.

    Thanks for the birthday surprise party. It really made my birthday special this year :)

  2. Welcome back! Oh, and no, I don't call him "Pitchfork Boy" to his face, although that would be pretty funny! I do spoil him rotten at birthdays and Christmas, though. What is an Aunt for if not to spoil other people's kids, right? :)


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