Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday night knitting

We had a really good time last night. Let's see...Becca, Sherry, Tata, Jenny, Ila, Nicole, Ruth, Ashley and Theresa, who brought a friend, where all there. Olivia came with me, school will be starting next week so she won't be able to come very often anymore. Becca brought her spinning wheel and a drop spindle. Tata has shown some interest and those spinners are more than happy to spread spinning love.

Olivia loves to watch them spin, Becca let her have a turn. She was enjoying herself so much.

Several of us looked up to see that she had accidentally spun her hair into the yarn.
It was a sight to see. She was a little embarrassed, but then they all starting fessing up that they had done the same thing. Nicole said that her daughter had gotten too close once and her hair became one with the yarn.
Here she is with her first yarn.

Becca is helping Tata get started on a drop spindle.

She sent her home with one of her drop spindles and some roving.
I wonder if Tata new what she was getting herself into when she joined our little group.
Ashley is giving Becca's wheel a whirl.
Olivia is holding Mr. Dangles. Ruth knit him as a first birthday present for Sam. He will love it!

Two elephants and a lion just hangin out.
No Tuesday night knitting post is complete without an appearance by the most adorable Sam. We will miss Sam and Ruth, school starts in a few days so they won't be able to join us every week.


  1. OH SAM! I just love that little stinker! I like Mr. Dangles too. Did she design that pattern?
    LOOK at all the spinning! Fun FUn!

  2. I'm gonna miss y'all so much! It is always sad when summer comes to a close...

    However, there is this place called Ravelry (I'm not sure if you've EVER heard of it...) & I'll be able to keep up with y'all somewhat.

    Your Olivia is too cute!!! I see that smile of pride on her face. That is the look of a girl who is HOOKED!
    You'll make a fiber artist of her yet...

  3. Great times, great pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Sorry I missed you guys....Tuesdays for me are hard because of working late most weeks. Looks like fun was had by all.

  5. Looks like fun... get them in to it while they're young... and what an ADORABLE, happy baby!

  6. I am sorry I missed knitting, Olivia and Sam on Tue. night. Will try to make it next week. School starts on that day and not sure what shape I will be in after the first day for Kindergarten boys and girls.

  7. Olivia was TOO CUTE! And Ruth's creations are such a treat to see. Makes me want to design more stuff.

  8. Looks like so much fun! Olivia's doing a great job. Heck, I knit my own hair into projects!

  9. he is just adorable! that was nice of becca to let everyone try spinning! i got my hair caught in a "my little pony" that had a spinning tail and someone held it up too close to my took 2 hours to get it out! that was in high school...i had no bangs and was not about to cut any!

  10. Olivia looks so cute sitting in front of that spinning wheel! And all the knit animals have turned out awesome!

  11. That is awesome!! I haven't spun my hair yet but I have a feeling it may someday happen.


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