Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dogs On Thursday!

I was walking yesterday morning and saw this little girl running back and forth across a busy street.
It took over 15 minutes for me to catch her. She had a collar but no tags. Having no idea where she lived, I brought her home.
Called the local animal shelter asking if anyone had lost a beagle mix and placed a found ad in the local paper.
I'm guessing that she is about 3 months old.
Alex helped hang up "found" flyers around the neighborhood. We took one to the animal shelter too.
Today I took her to our vet office so they could check if she was chipped. She wasn't.

Olivia took a flyer to school and showed it to her classmates.

She is a very sweet baby, but is not house trained. I haven't had to clean up dog messes in the house for quite some time.

Hutch really liked her, they had fun playing together. I have no idea what was going on with Starsky but he tried to hurt her. He chased her up the back steps and grabbed her on the back of her neck. She yelped and cried. I did something that would upset me if i saw it being done. I hit Starsky with a stick. On the third hit the stick broke and he finally let her go. Once we got her back in the house he growled and made snarling noises at her through the door. He has never acted like that before He had fun with all the other dogs at the pool.

Well, this evening I got a phone call from a little boy asking if the puppy I found had four white feet.
She does.
You can see them in the fourth picture down.

I was so relieved when he and his mom pulled up. The little girl recognized the car and as soon as the boy got out she stood up on her hind legs and mad happy noises. It made me feel good that she recognized them. I was worried about handing her over to any Tom, Dick or Harry that called.

I'm glad her family found her. I had been wondering what the hell I was going to do.


  1. It was so kind of you to catch that dog and bring her home with you. She could have been hit by a car or injured in some other way. I am so glad her owners found her again. Kindness always comes back to those who help others.

  2. What a sweet little baby girl. I'm sorry about Starsky's aggression. Maybe she was a bit older than 3 mos. and was coming into heat. I'm glad her family found her. Poor Hutch. He thought he had a new friend.

  3. I'm so glad that you were able to get her before she was hit. Hutch looks like he was having a lot of fun with her. Charlotte doesn't always like other dogs playing with 'her' Wilbur so maybe Starsky was just jealous. I'm so glad the little boy got his puppy back...every little boy should have a puppy!!

  4. Awww, a happy ending all around. She looks like a sweetie. Kudos to you and your kids for making the effort to find her family.

  5. It was so kind of you to save that puppy! 2 of my daughters found a dog right in the middle of Route 11, in a 4 lane section. Luckily for them, the dog had a tag, so they got him in their car and called his owner. 15 minutes later, the owner met them, and gave the girls a $20 reward. I was so proud that my girls wanted to help a dog, and very pleased that the owner was grateful enough to acknowledge their efforts. Your story reminded me of my own girls; I'm happy that I didn't have to bring a strange dog home, because I'd be afraid Thor would feel unloved!

  6. I love the happy ending! I hope the family thanked you appropriately, cause if you didn't do all the things you did, they could have lost the puppy to anything or anybody. What a great story.

  7. What a sweet baby girl - and THANK YOU for being you and picking her up and bringing her to a safe home! She looks like she's got some black & tan coonhound like my Tut.

    As for Starsky... did you introduce the "new puppy" to your dogs outside? If not, make sure to do that next time... perferably not even at your house, but since most of us have to do this at home, outside is key... otherwise they can see a "threat" to their territory. He may have been having some major territorial issues.

  8. Good for you for taking in the fur-baby! And thank goodness for a happy reunion!!!

  9. What a happy reunion for doggy and family! You are so kind to take care of their pet and locate them!

  10. That's my Sonja: taking in the little puppy and making a family be overjoyed at getting her back. Go you!

  11. What a great dog rescue story. You rock!!!


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