Friday, May 30, 2008

This crafter is ingenious, Go here!
Now to save some cool Target cards and send them to her.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday night knitting & a swap package!

I am behind on lots of things. The last week of school was very hectic. I had three different programs to attend, two of them on the same day. Olivia won an award for being the most kind and friendly. Alex was on the A/B honor roll, and Eli is a kindergarten graduate. I will have more about those things in a few days. Oh and I was with out a computer for several days after that. But I am back.
Now for last Tuesday....

Nicole is helping Becca with some spinning.
This is the most adorable Sam. His mom is Ruth, she is in the picture above. Lora has been sewing a lot lately. I got the cutest little bag from her. Thanks Lora!

My Swap on a Budget package came. I love the yarn. It came from her local S&W festival. It is "Cashmera" a wool cashmere blend. The red is "Cardinal". I do love red :) And yes it is a lot of yarn, over 500 yds.
The two little finger puppets where a big hit. They are sitting on the ends of some knitting needles, kinda like golf club covers.
I had to make the kids understand that they are MINE. Also in the box were post it notes and a beautiful red stitch marker. I think you can never have too many post its or stitch markers. Thanks so much Jen!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend fun

Behind these adorable faces lies a summer full of mischief.
The sweet potato pie was not a big hit with the kids.

Eli tried it even after he saw the face Olivia made. They did not think that it tasted like pumpkin pie.
Luckily the big kid did not suffer any injuries. It was touch and go for awhile.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Roses to brighten my dreary day

I am tired of the rain, gray skies and chilly temperatures.

Tuesday night knitting

My parents are home from Florida so mom came to Tuesday Night Knitting with me.
That's her at the end of the table
I have cast on a sock for Olivia in the Lorna's Laces Sport in sherbet colorway. Mom got me a great new book. Vogue's The Ultimate Sock Book

Isn't Ashley cute? Look at her sticking her tongue out.

Ila is working on a baby surprise jacket.

Mom's knitting friend in Vero Beach sent me some sock yarn in great colors. They will make nice kid socks. I was even thinking about a hat....
Thanks Sue!

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Friday night.....

Do you know where your knitting is??
It probably looks like mine has been lost. It has been a long time since I have had anything to share with you.
Yes I have been in sort of a knitting slump.
Only thing that has interested me lately is wee tiny socks.

And beads. I have been playing with beads. Here are a few of the stitch markers I have made. The dragonfly stitch marker is my favorite. It could only go to a special friend. She received it and a few other things earlier this week.
I also found this great tutorial for making crochet hook key chains.

They are really neat, I have made 4 of them so far. Going to make more soon.

I got hooked on the Wee tiny sock swap from last month, so I signed up again.
My adorable wee tiny sock came all the way from Warwickshire in the United Kingdom.
It was knit by Cari of Knitted Bear

This is the cutest wee tiny sock I have ever seen. I just love it. Thank you so much Cari!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tuesday night knitting

I have a couple Tuesdays to show you.
I know you have heard of Jazz Hands......Well, I give you Crochet Hands, courtesy of Sherry
Becca knitting away on a circular dishcloth.
Jill is looking into her knitting to see what is on the other side.

Look what Becca got. Isn't is pretty? It is an amazing looking wheel. It is a Polish wheel.

Holly's newest sock.

Christy with her coffee cup cozy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First it was earthquakes now it's....

volcanoes! Over 50 volcanic eruptions occurred in our area today. No damage was reported.
The 4th grade class made volcanoes. There were lots of different types. Some kids did the coke and mentos thing, but most stayed with the baking soda/vinegar recipe.

Alex's volcano had a little mishap in the classroom. The only thing left was the plastic mold.
This guy is really happy with his volcano's eruption. It was a coke and mentos volcano.