Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And it continues....

It was announced today that school will be out for the rest of the week.
Whatever will we do to entertain ourselves???


  1. Personally, I'm ready to gather a bunch of blow torches and clear the roads myself! Nah, it's not been that bad yet but I still have hope they'll go tomorrow. *giggle*

  2. And to entertain without POWER... that's the thing!

    Hope you all are making it! It's been rough - I feel your pain!!! Our power came on over night - now praying we KEEP it!!!

    Take a trip to the mall - where there's heat!

  3. Can you teach them all to knit? You could run your own little sweatshop! :)

  4. I heard on the radio today about people doing things with their kids that are considered lost arts... like paper mache and egg dying. I bet you can find something that your kiddos are interested in and do a little research together on line and find project you could do together.


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