Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

My four-legged boys have been missing for quite some time, don't worry they're here.
I have just been busy with my two-legged ones.
Starsky got a new duck for Christmas, he was so happy. It was down right hilarious watching him run around the house with the duck in his mouth. Hutch really has nothing to do with toys. His only interest in them is to take them from Starsky. I have to be careful when I get on him. After I am done saying "No, bad dog or drop it" Hutch gets on him too. Starsky will run and then try to hide behind me or crawl under the computer desk. He is way too big to get under there.

The last picture is of a four-legged creature, but not a doggy. Here is Merino, my webkinz. The kids got him for me for Christmas. Yes, I am too old for a webkinz of my own, but he is very cute and I never have to clean up after him.


  1. Love the picture of Starsky (or Hutch???) on his back with the duck in his mouth. Hey - I think I have that same carpet. Nice taste!

  2. Love the fur babies!!

    I have a whole collection of sheep... love em... but my fur babies like to "play" with them like yours are doing with the duck!!! NOT FUN!

  3. Cute pics! My kids had one of those ducks for awhile... it eventually became the headless duckie... lol

  4. Hahaha, Merino is indeed a cute gift!!!

  5. Love those pictures!!! they are so great!!


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