Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter in the Ohio Valley

Well, winter has really arrived here. Monday was a 2 hour delay, no school today and no school again tomorrow (Wed.). We were with out power for about 6-8 hours but it came back earlier this afternoon. There are lots of trees and limbs down in the neighborhood. It was very surreal standing outside at 4:00 am this morning. Everything was very quiet then the creaking would start and limb or entire trees would come crashing down. Sometimes it was very close and I could watch the actual fall. Then the creaking and crashing would start again and it would be from several blocks away. I knew the moment we lost power. The transformer about 2 blocks away, made three loud popping sounds and I saw what looked like blue fireworks shoot out each time.

The holly trees are in my backyard.
The two pictures below are my across the street neighbor. Her house is still without power.
The first picture of the birdhouse was taken about 3:30 in the morning. The next was taken early this afternoon.
I just can't wait to see what the weather brings tonight.


  1. Glad you're warm and safe! (If you see my hubby out in the neighborhood working on restoring power would ya give him a cup of hot chocolate? LOL) Actually, I dunno where Duke put him.

    Enjoyed your pictures. I put most of mine on facebook.

  2. I love the photos of the bird house, We tried to clear the trampoline and it was shattering the net.....summer weaving in my future!

  3. I love the pictures but do not love hearing that you were without power! I'm glad that everyone, erm, weathered that okay. It's similarly beautiful in Pittsburgh, except that if you look closely, you'll see lots of Steeler paraphernalia underneath the ice and snow. The beautiful silence is is often broken by a neighbor screaming, "STEELERS" for no reason whatsoever.
    I'm looking forward to baseball season. No one cheers for the Pirates.

  4. Try to keep as warm as you can! My MIL is in Ohio and she was talking about how cold it is. The pictures are great!

  5. Yikes! We got off easy this time in comparison to you. Those pictures of the frozen holly are lovely, though!

  6. Those pics look far too familiar.... ugh.

    Stay safe - and warm!

  7. These are some incredible pictures! somehow I missed them before. Hope you are staying warm.


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