Sunday, January 11, 2009

My friend

I have met some of the most wonderful people online. Most of them fellow knitters. They have given support and strength to me when I needed it most. I have tangible proof, in the form of an exquisite lace scarf, of the loving kindness sent to me.
One friend in particular has been there for almost three years. She is the epitome of grace and class. She is always thinking of others and what she can bring to their lives. Of all the people I have ever met online she is the one I would most like to spend time with in person.
Well, now she needs something from me, and I am going to ask something of all of you. Alison Hyde, the author of Wrapped in Comfort, knitted lace shawls, is in need of our prayers. She has been ill quite some time and has recently had a serious set back. Please go to and give her some of your strength, encouraging words or just say hello Sonya sent me.

Alison, I have been thinking about you a lot, hoping and praying that you are feeling better. Please know that you are very special to everyone you have ever touched. You have touched my life in many ways.

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