Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day in the life.

I lead a mildly adventurous life. Not the fun exciting adventures they make movies about, but the Lucy and Ethel type adventures. I am going to blame this on the DNA half from my mom.
Some friends came by to pick up the kids, they were all going to walk to the park together. I told the mom that I would meet her there. Seeing how I can't walk to the park I was going to drive. I went across the street to see if the neighbor friend wanted to go. In the five minutes I was out of the house John happened to stop by. He wasn't sure about what was going on so he locked everything. I came back to discover that I am locked out with no cell phone or purse. Back across the street to the neighbors, I call John at work, he says "I didn't know what you were thinking" I replay back that how far could I have really gotten. He can come back but not until later. So I borrow the car from the neighbor and we drive to the park. No friends or family to be seen. So we drive back to the house. They are there waiting wondering what the heck is going on. We found Eli a way in and he unlocked the door for us. Then John pulls into the driveway.
Better late than never. He took a fudge pop and went back to work.


  1. Change a few details and it could be my story. As it is, I just had to use my cell phone to see to unlock the back door last night, since the Knight didn't think to turn on the porch light!

  2. OMG That is so funny...Isaiah has done this to e soooo many times when we go out to play. Good thing Larry is less than a mile away!

  3. Sounds like a comedy of errors!

  4. This is funnier than most comedies out there. You can't make this stuff up.

    On the other hand, if the same happens to me I'd be yelling at everyone, how inconsiderable they are. I admire you.

  5. Maybe someday I'll blog about talking a couple walking by out of calling the police on my newlywed husband climbing in the window of our second-floor apartment while I stood out on the sidewalk watching; it WAS our apartment, after all...


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