Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday night knitting/ Birthdays

Happy Birthday Ashley and Jenny! Jenny's is belated, she is a St. Patty's baby. Ashley is as young as she looks.

She is crocheting some bags for family birthdays. The bags are really cute, can't wait to see them lined.

Look at what she got. Yes, those are lighted scissors. For those times you just really need to cut something in the dark.

Here is Jenny opening some of her gifts.
I think she likes it!

Lora, this on is for you.

Jayce and Olivia.
Below is the baby blanket that was knit by Jayce.
He also knits socks, hats and dishcloths
Hey Ashley, he's a keeper!


  1. LOVE to see a guy knitter!!

    And I didnt even know they MADE lighted scissors - how fun!

    Those bags are awesome! I'm so partial to knitting instead of crochet - but I am LOVING that bag!!!

    My Tuesdays are clearing up soon - I am totally going to have to make my way down one night & join the gang!!!

  2. I miss you all :( I will be back next week baring any unfortunant(sp?) incidents. So glad everyone had a great birthday and I miss everyone. Thanks for the pics Sonya :)

  3. Looks like fun... and what a pretty bag!

  4. What a great blankie! He's DEFINITELY a keeper.

    And congrats on winning my blogiversary contest!

  5. And a good time was had by all. What a fun day that looks like!

  6. OOOOh love that bag, I want one sis. I have a birthday coming you know. I love you and miss you guys. Maybe we could get together soon.


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