Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm around.

Not much has been worth sharing, so I will grasp at some straws. Here are a few random things.

At the kid's school, the permanent substitute gym teacher is named Ms. Payne.

We have had temp fluctuations this past week of about 25 degrees, today it is in the low 70's.

We got a new/refurb computer last week. The disc drive was bad, so after talking to the tech dept. I was able to get it out by myself. Did a little happy dance that I was able to do it. They are sending a replacement on Monday.

All of my stuff is still on the old computer.

Alex has gone to school without any issues for almost three weeks. (Edited to add that the med changes kicked in.)

Two kids are sick right now. Keeping fingers crossed that it does not spread to the third.

I will be starting the third book in the Twilight series later this week.

I have been on a dishcloth kick again. I have knit four in the past week.

We have been invited to two birthday parties on March 15th. Both are for young cousins.

I was going to go knit at a once a month meet up today, but I am feeling crappy too.

There are only three weeks left until the next report card comes out.

I will try to have some real posts for you soon.


  1. Alex has gone to school without any issues for THREE WEEKS!!! That's wonderful news! Huge news! I'm so happy for you and your family!!
    What do you attribute this to?

  2. Yeah!!! It always takes a while to find the proper meds, just be prepared for changes as he grows. I agai want to thank you for taking the time to help Erika, what a difference you've made for her! THANK YOU is never enough

  3. Mrs. Payne, heh heh. I think she was my gym teacher, too ;)

  4. So glad to read that Alex is adjusting better and that the meds seem to be finally helping! Hope your kids are feelings better...and that the 'third' one was spared!


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