Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday night knitting

I have been on somewhat of a dishcloth kick. I gave one away already so here are the five that are left. I have two more on the needles right now.

Nicole has finished another sweater.

Ashely brought her button stash for us all to see. I think a little bartering happened.

I got a new shoe today.
I have been having a lot of trouble with my right foot. Sharp pain if I step a certain way or walk for very long. Not sure exactly what or when it happened, but I have a stress fracture. I have to wear this big ole boot until April 7th.

I hope it doesn't snow again.


  1. Love the boot! You knit a "boot cozy" for it! Heh. :)

    Hope your foot is feeling better soon!

  2. Oh, no! That boot is quite a fashion statement, though! I hope your foot is doing better very soon.

  3. Oh no!!! Your poor foot!!!!

    Love all the knitting though...

  4. Well, at least you don't get second sock syndrome with a boot: just the tiniest toe cover and you're done!

    Love the dishcloths; nice colorwork!

  5. Love the dishcloths. I hope that your foot gets better soon!


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