Monday, June 11, 2007

7 more random things...

Covered in Yarn tagged me again. I will play along and keep the tag to myself.

1. I will become physically ill if I see teeth anywhere other than securely in the mouth where they belong.

2. I have nightmares about my teeth falling out.

3. I have two tattoos.

4. In my life I have seen YES, INXS, Bob Seger (2) Pink Floyd, Jackson Browne, Journey, Rod Stewart (2), Neil Diamond, Eagles (2), KC and The Sunshine Band, Cheap Trick, John Cougar, Steve Miller,and George Carlin in concert. I totally forgot that I saw Duran Duran just a year or two ago. I am probably forgetting some others.

5. I love horror movies

6. I bit my nails into my 20's.

7. Shoes and coats are very restrictive. I hate wearing them.


  1. I think when you dream about teeth falling out it's supposed to mean you are nervous about something.

    You've seen some great concerts!

  2. I DARE YOU to post a photo of your TATOOS!!!! now that would be worth seeing.

    I'd love to get a tatoo. but I'm afraid to.

  3. whoops... this is me, Jana. previous comment about tatoos is from ME>


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