Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Starsky & Hutch

I am glad to say that surgery will not be necessary. Starsky seems to be doing
much better. He can sit now and is able to get up and down without much help. He is
still limping quite a bit but can run pretty fast on three legs. He can keep up with Hutch and wants to chase the kids around.
He goes at the end of the week
for shots and a recheck of his hip. He will be getting is official name tag later this week too. They want it to be a bone shaped one just like Hutch's. PetSmart has a machine that will engrave the tags. We got him a kiddie pool and he just loves it. He still is having some issues with being left alone. He barks and cries incessantly when he is in the back yard, even
when Hutch is out with him. Also when I go in my room or the bathroom and close the door behind me. He is starting to do better with the house rules. Now when we
catch him with the kid's toys or my yarn he drops it and keeps going. I keep wondering when Hutch is going to tell him what the rules are. It is so funny
it seems that he is not able to get close enough to us even when he is practically
sitting on our laps. If we cant find him just look for an A/C vent and that is where he will be . If you are at all familiar with the Starsky & Hutch series, you know that David Starsky has dark/black hair and Ken Hutchinson has blond hair.


  1. Excellent news! I am so happy for him, and for you all. He looks like such a sweetie pie. I'm sure he will become less anxious as he becomes more and more confident that this is his forever home. Good job!

  2. He is soooooo cute. I am so glad he is doing so well. Bless his heart, he has been through a lot. Glad to hear both dogs get along well.

  3. Awesome!!! It sounds like everyone is bonding quite nicely and it sound slike Starsky was really meant to find you! :)
    By the way, did the vet suggest some supplements that might help with his pain and joints? We have our big guy (Zeus) on a daily regimen that includes MSM/Chrondrotin/Glucosamine tablets (get from Vitamin Shoppe), as well as Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Fish Oil. Zeus had 2 torn cruciate ligaments (both back knees) and had one replaced last fall... the supplements have made such a world of difference that we've put off having the 2nd surgery done, though that might be upcoming for this fall. But the supplements overall are amazing in how they help - might be something to talk to your vet about... also for long term care to help him not get arthritis in those hips too.

  4. He is so adorable! What a face. And Hutch looks very happy to have a canine brother. Starsky probably still can't believe his good fortune at becoming a member of your family!

  5. Im glad he found a good home and is getting better!!!

  6. I will have to ask about that on his visit Monday. It's been about a week since he has been given any pain meds. He is either very stoic or is not in much pain at all anymore. He has only be able to sit for just the past 3-5 days. Before that it was only stand or lay down.

  7. Such beautiful dogs. And you take such good care of them.

  8. It looks like they play well together. And I think labs are great dogs, Very loving and loyal!

  9. What cute dogs! I'm glad to hear that Starsky is getting better.

  10. The supplements might be a good long term help, esp in preventing the arthritis... it is amazing what these doggies an tolerate and not let you know about pain wise. We're guessing Zeus' knees were an issue for at least 2 years before it got to a point of us noticing anything (and you know - my dogs are my babies and I'd do anything for them... actually we're going in to have a lump checked out on the big guy tonight, fingers are crossed...)


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