Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In my neighborhood #3 ....

Two from me in the same day, aren't you lucky!

Just a block or so from Grinny Possum you can find Art and Soul Beads. It is a wonderful bead shop where you can learn to make your own jewelry or have some custom designed.
She has buttons too, I love buttons, . This is the "new" mom & pop kind of store. Not only are mom & pop there, but the kids are too. I can call them kids because I know I am much older than both of the daughters. I enjoyed a wonderful class there last Wednesday. I want to learn to make my own stitch markers. I have to say that beads could become just as addictive as yarn. Enough talk,let me take you to the door..


Last time I was in I had to take all three of the kids. Not the way I like to look at beads but...It's not that they are bad, they just love all the colors, textures and sparkly things. Olivia left with enough letter beads to make a bracelet with her name, Alex had to add to his animal collection and I don't remember what Eli came home with that day.

Hope you enjoyed another look into my neighborhood.


  1. Oh, please!!!! Not another addiction. My budget or time cannot handle another.

  2. I always enjoy looking at the pics of things around your area - thanks!

    And I hope you're having fun with Lora!

  3. OH BEADS BEADS BEADS! I actully brought a bead project home with me!! I need to get it out and work on it!! LUV ME SOME BEADS!

  4. Just seeing if I can leave a comment now. I've set up a blog

    Knit Could Happen To You

    but i've put a link to where I really blog...

  5. OH, my! That looks like a fantastic store!

  6. Alright I just realized who shayes74 was and thought "CRAP, I'm in trouble now!" I'll start a blog tonight! Hopefully :) LOL!

  7. I. Love. Beads. :)

    And the space needed for stash is so much smaller than yarn and fiber!


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