Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What is swimmimg with you??

We were cooling off in the pool after mowing The Big Yard at my parent's house.
Swimming, splashing around having a great time, then I saw something that I thought was a bumble bee in the pool. It was about the size of a man's thumb. I told Livy to step back and took a closer look. Very weird looking bumble bee, daddy said that it did not look like a bumble bee to him, he splashed it up on the patio. It was right out of a horror movie, we were all freaked out and itching. The heebie jeebies all around. Do you want to know what it was?? Are you sure? It was a momma spider swimming in the pool, with all of her babies on her back. You can all pause here for the cold chills and shivers to pass. When it was splashed on the patio hundreds of babies jumped off and ran towards to grass. A few babies must have fallen off because we saw tiny spiders swimming in the water.
We got out of the pool and were done for the evening. It might be a little hard getting in next time. This was not one of those times that you help the kids not be afraid of spiders.
The visual below is just like the one that was swimming with us.


  1. Well, having a pool myself, I wish I could say this never happens to me. I guess it is living in the country, I don't know. There isn't a day goes by that when I go down to the pool I find dead spiders floating. Yeah, it would be the live ones that would really freak me out. And the babies on the back are just too, too weird and creepy.

  2. eeeuuuuwwwwwwwww, ickickickick, this hasn't done one thing to help me get over my own recent spider phobia! Glad no one got bitten.

  3. Oh, Sonya... yuckers! If it was the size of a man's thumb, then the pic on the blogpage is actual size! ewwwwww

  4. Creeeeeeeeepy! Are you sure it wasn't a "brown recluse"? I'd be checking :\ Emma and Ava would have had a heart attack!

  5. I would have been screaming and running around like a crazy person! Yuck!


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