Thursday, June 7, 2007

I was trying to wait until I had some knitting to show or talk about.
But I got nuthin. I have been having some computer trouble too, so it has
been a pain to even read email. The voting has been going on all week. Right now Starsky is in the lead as the name for Black Dog. Then we would have the duo "Starsky & Hutch". That happens to be John's favorite show.
Well, I will be back when I have some knitting stuff to share.


  1. So you've decided to keep him... good for you!

  2. You have a hutch? Feline or dog? :) That would be cute!

    I always thought peanut, butter and jelly would be great names for a threesome... of course, we end up with Zeus (got at 8 weeks, but had already been named & it was fitting), Lola (adopted at 4 months, already named & I liked it) and Teutul (adopted at 4 months as "Tiger" - so NOT him, I wanted Brady - as in Tom - Matt said no, so I said Mikey and he said only if Mikey Teutul... hence Teutul as in The Teutuls of American Chopper)...... I still long for my pb&j some day!

  3. Did they check for a chip, since he didn't have a collar? I'm sure they did. He sounds like he has such a sweet personality. And it sounds to me like you really won out--your kids will never forget that you took in and took care of a dog that needed someone to care, and that I'm sure will be a great companion for them for years. What a profoundly good lesson you're teaching them.


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