Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

The Bassets next door.

These two boys are Hutch and Starsky's neighbors. The four of them stand at the corner where the yards meet and bark.

Look what Starsky has done to my fancy boy. That is dog slobber.

They are loving this cooler weather. Spending most of the day outside, only coming in after the kids come home from school


  1. Great pics... isn't dog slobber just lovely, esp on their heads? lol Cute neighbors!

  2. I'll bet that's some loud neighbor chatter you've got going on. Whenever I eat in front of Puddin she goes all Pavlov on me and drools on my knee. Now that fall is FINALLY here I hope it stays nice for a long time.

  3. Oh! Bassets! I love bassets, though none more than my 'sister,' Maude!

  4. LOL! I just love Starsky and Hutch' new neighbors!
    Bassets are so much fun, but they do make some noise and a lot of drool! They will do about anything for food!

    Your boys are looking good! Isn't this weather wonderful after such a long nasty summer!

  5. I love how you post your Dog Thursdays... Your dogs have a life!! Maybe after we move I can do that for Lincoln. Right now all he does is eat socks and lay around.... would get kinda boring after a week or two of that on my blog LOL
    Hey I see another "LORA" up there! How cool is that!??!

  6. I bet it's loud in that corner of your yard, but it's just pup-talk. Both the pups look like they're having a blast. The cool weather makes my boy happy, too. Oh, and the slobber? Isn't it just a fact of life with big dogs? I don't consider myself dressed without my slobber accessory.


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