Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday night Knitting

We had a new person at knitting tonight. He was the hit of the evening, in his wonderful hand knits. Everyone, this is Sam, he is three weeks old.

Loretta had a cute little dishcloth to show us (sorry no pic). A little red school house.

Holly finished her awesome sweaterRuth joined us again after a long absence. It was nice to have her back. Look it's Sam's mommy

Lora, here is your mom holding another baby.

I will be out of town for FO Friday so here is one for you. The Chic knits felted bucket hat
Yarn: Debbie Bliss SoHo
Cast on Friday evening 10/26/07
Finished Sunday afternoon 10/28/07 came out of the washer Sunday night. It is still damp. Before felting (of course).


  1. What a sweet little baby!

    I love the hat. I really like those kinds of hats best. Well...I am having a mild fling with Calorimetry right now. I might be fickle.

  2. oh that hat is cute...but Sam...Oh My GOSH! What a doll baby! He's precious!! Mom looks like she's having a sweet time holding him!!

  3. Lovely Soho hat, but seriously -- wat a cute baby! and his Jack o'Lantern hat is toooo cute! See you this weekend!

  4. Cute picture of you in your new hat! Oh those babies... so sweet. Your knit night looks like a lot of fun.

  5. Yep, the hat is cute, but the baby is just adorable!!! Ruth looks very complete now :) Wish I felt up to going :(
    Have fun on your trip!! Give Lora big hugs for me!!

  6. Isn't that little hat and baby the cutest? I love the hat. I totally love felting.

  7. Look at all that ADORABLENESS! Oh, the fo's are so great! LOVE you in that hat!!! Great pictures...see you Friday!!!

  8. oh sam is ADORABLE!!! i'm so glad ruth made it out! woo hoo! your hat looks great!


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