Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hi, trying to play catch up

Yes I am still kicking. The past week or so has been a real bear. This week is not looking that great either. I will say that Autumn has finally arrived in the Ohio valley. I am just loving it.
I kept Olivia home from school today and the nurse called about 1:00 to say that Eli was in her office sick. So I have two kids bundled up in recliners watching Zaboomafoo.
I have been knitting, getting all of the goodies finished for the Fall Festival at the school.

Tuesday night knitting- Loretta is planing some dishcloths for friends, Tabitha is knitting away on a seed stitch baby blanket and Holly, she is flying along on her incredible sweater. Sorry no photos for ya'll.

I frogged it- yes I did, those two stitches were just too much for me. I replaced that dishcloth with two quick ones.
I will have a Dogs on Thursday post for you later today. FO Friday will be huge, I have lots to show you. Oh ya, then there is Ravelry. If you are already there come see me. Sonniebk3


  1. Hope the kids get better very soon! Sick kids are no fun for mom. My son used to watch Zaboomafoo every day and we visited the lemures at the zoo all the time.

  2. can't wait to see your FO's!

  3. Hope the young'uns are better soon :)

    ... waiting patiently for your FOs..


  4. Oh!!! I can't wait to see your FOs tomorrow! They will give me insight for your orange package. Planning on going out with a friend on a mini yarn crawl this weekend... wonder what I'll find..... hmmmmmmm.....

  5. Sorry to hear about the kids, I guess it is that time of year huh? I can't wait to see all your FOs!!!!!

  6. it's that time of year coming for sickie germs - i need to get a flu shot!


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