Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Look at those two little faces. I don't know which one is cuter. Eli has those squeezable cheeks, but I do love that spotted tongue. Eli was my helper for pictures today. I just can't get them to stand still and take the picture at the same time. These two were taken from inside the garage. They like to hop up and see what John is working on. It was actually a spring like day today. Not very sunny but warm and a nice breeze. Nobody needed any coats and I did catch a kid or two with barefeet.

The backyard looks as barren as a desert. We are talking about getting some sod to put down. Grass seed would never stand a chance.

I have a treat in one had and the camera in the other. Starsky will barely hold still even for a treat. Hutch is starting to lose his winter fluffiness. He looks as skinny as can be when wearing his spring/summer coat. I could so have his fur spun into yarn. I am not quite sure how I feel about that tho. He is a very pretty color. Now Starsky's fur is just to short and coarse for any spinning.

This is the lone patch of grass we have left in the backyard. Drought and dogs have caused the rest of the grass to disappear. I am not sure why this grass has survived. I bet it is mostly weeds with just a little grass sprinkled throughout.
John dreams of the day he can have a lush green yard. I think that will just stay a dream until the kids are gone and the dogs are too old to play.


  1. I love the both- the cheeks and the tongue!
    I wish my backyard was like that, we have had to cut twice already!

  2. They are all so adorable!

    We totally killed off our grass our first year here: it was heavily overcast every morning, and we kept expecting it to rain. Um. That's called San Francisco fog, and it was a drought year: it was pretty in the sky, but never hit land. Oops.

  3. Looks like you had a great little helper.

  4. What cuties. Great helper and I love the fact that Starkey is pawing Hutch's head. That is what Abby would do to Jack and he would not be as happy about it. :)

  5. Boy, Starsky sure has come a long way from when you first got him, huh? what a handsome dog! And I am saving Chewie's fur for spinning. Can't wait! Gonna make me some mittens.

  6. :) you captured your fur family brilliantly! Everyone looks so HAPPY! (Isn't it great?!?)

    Doing anything special for Thunder?

  7. John may end up with his lush lawn, but he'll miss the fun shown in your wonderful pictures. What happy faces.

  8. Eli has those dogs under control! Our back yard on Eastern Pkwy had spots like that...we planted grass, but it never worked...we kept walking on that area tho! We put down stepping stones and it still didn't work, we never tried sod tho...


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