Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Steamboats and Spinning Wheels

Today was the Derby Festival's Great Steamboat Race. It was a perfect afternoon, nice weather, cool breeze and fiber friends. There were 7 spinners and one newbie using a drop spindle.
(Note: very picture heavy post)
Here is Liz.
Ashley's cool feet.

Ann, the owner of Grinny Possum Fiber Arts, planned this fun fiber event.

These beautiful babies (7 week old Choc. Labs) were having a wagon ride. We could have taken one home for a mere $250

The Belle of Cincinnati.

Belle of Louisville, the winner this year, but apparently there was some fishy business going on so they gave the golden antlers to the Delta Queen.

Here is the Delta Queen, this may be her last race. Some federal regulations are changing so the Delta Queen may not be able to take passengers overnight any more. The steamboat is an all wooden boat. It is really cool how the smoke stacks lay down when going under the bridges.
It was a wonderful event.


  1. great pics!

    We get to ride on the Belle later this month w/ Nano on his field trip. I think I am more excited than he is :) (I've never been)

  2. what lovely photos. Looks like you girls had a wonderful town. Nice to see all the faces that belong to Ravelry :)

    Nice to see Ann, too. Have not seen her in over 4 years.

  3. GREAT pictures! Looks like so much fun. I don't think I have ever been to the Great Steamboat Race and it was probably the last race. Oh well.

  4. nothing like a nice day by the river!

  5. YEAH Belle of Louisville!! I thought about the race yesterday. Are you going to the parade today?!? I miss this time of year!

  6. Looks like a great time - all of those spinning wheels in one place - wow! How did you get away without scooping up one of those chocolate labs? They look like teddy bears. I need a puppy! (No I don't!) Yes I do!

  7. Again - I'm jealous! I so wanted to come down just to knit & meet everyone - but Wednesday's a church night & I had to teach! Maybe on another outting I can make it!

  8. Wow, how cool. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Looks like such a beautiful day and playing with yarn makes it even more lovely.
    Been on the Belle several times and enjoyed it every time.
    Nice pictures!!

  10. Way cool. And glad you got to see Delta Queen still in action.

  11. Sittng in the sun, playing with fiber, watching steamboat races, can it be any better? Thanks for letting us see a little of the fun.


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